Here are some of our heart touching stories: 

Deby´s Miracle: In 2013, in a very remote village on the island of Sumbawa, there was a 5-year-old girl who suffered from a huge tumor on her leg, and she barely left the cabin where she lived with her parents to play with other children. We went to meet her and convinced her parents to take her to Bali island in search of a doctor who could cure her. We spent 4 months visiting dozens of hospitals where we always received the same diagnosis, there was no other option than to amputate the leg. We kept looking, without losing hope, until we finally found a doctor who was able to operate on her successfully and was able to save her leg. Now Deby is 15 years old, in perfect health and a brilliant girl at school. Deby has taught us all a great lesson in life, you should never lose hope or smile and you should always keep fighting to fulfill your dreams.