Here are some of our heart touching stories: 

Soalihin´s Story: Soalihin is a 9 years old boy, whom suffered a total immobilization of his body. We brought him to the hospital of Dompu city, where doctors diagnosed a fracture of vertebrae C5 and C6. The Dompu hospital lacks the proper equipment and specialists for cases like Soalihin’s, so we took him by ambulance to Lombok island. Once in the best hospital on the island of Lombok, the doctors made the same diagnosis and proposed surgery to reposition of vertebrae C5 and C6. Being a very complicated surgery, we decided to take him to the best hospital in the country, in the capital Jakarta. We moved Soalihin by air evacuation with a medical team. Upon arrival at RSCM hospital in Jakarta, the doctors diagnosed that the immobilization was due to a tetanus bacterium infection. After several weeks hospitalized and under medical treatment, Soalihin was cured, and now he is back on the island of Sumbawa playing again with his friends.