Harapan Project NGO is formed by a group of volunteers from Spain:

Carlos Ferrándiz: President and Founder of Harapan Project NGO, Director of Harapan Project. Ex-lawyer in PricewaterhouseCoopers Spain (LLB in Law UB, LL.M ESADE).

Maria Matilla: Manager Fundraising and Programs Harapan Project. European Sales Director Pollinature (BSc Economics USC, Master Degree Scuola Sup. di Pisa).

Maripe Menéndez: Educational Programs and Manager Fundraising Harapan Project. Senior Manager IB (PhD Education, Mres Research UoL-IoE, IMBA IE, BSc Economics UoO).

Iñigo Echebarria: Responsible accountant and Planification Harapan Project. Founder associate Endeavour-Learning, Former Director BBVA bank (BSc Economics UPV, MBA UD).

Rafael Blanco: Manager Medical affairs Harapan Project. Head Surgeon Dornbuschklinik Frankfurt (Board Certified Surgeon Uva, Formation Lausane, NY…).

Julio Cangga: Manager Planification and Strategy Harapan Project. Entrepeneur (Strategy and Business Development BA Economics, MBA Imd).